The cost of solar energy panels continues to drop, and since 1980 the prices of panels has decreased by 80%.  As of 2016, the average cost of solar energy alone was about .12 cents per KW, which is cost effective compared to other energy sources.  As we know, solar is a free form of energy once installed and are relatively maintenance free. All quality solar panels come with a 20-25 year warranty.

Many states allow you to sell your excess solar energy back to your utility to help you offset the costs of the panels which will enable you to make money on the panels long term.  Your state may have incentive program like rebate and coupons for solar panels installation, and often this results in thousands of dollars taken off the price of the panels.

Our Solar Services

Providing pricing and specs on quality solar panels

Project design and engineering

Analysis of the host site and project objectives

Project financing and Incentives

Final system commissioning and benchmarking

Evaluation, selection, and coordination of project vendors and subcontractors

Project permit processing and jurisdictional post-installation inspection