Office Buildings

Today lighting in the office setting is about to quantum leap forwards.  With ever-growing pressures on companies to create a better work environment, they are seeking any measure to make their company a better place to work.  Lighting engineers are designing lighting systems to provide three different types of light throughout the day. Light impacts performance and mood and to deliver the right type of light at the right time of the day will undoubtedly boost morale, productivity and decrease absenteeism.  

Almost 70% of all employees complain about the lighting in their workspace, according to a study by the American Society of Interior Design.  A number of different studies have pointed out that happy team members/employees are 12% more productive.

What if your office had a series of data seeking nodes located in the ceiling providing information back to software that was monitoring all activity and natural sunlight in your office and making adjustments for team member comfort and to reduce energy waste. Today we are creating work environments that provide the option for individual team members and work cells to customize their own light levels.  We are doing this and reducing the companies energy load by up to 60%.

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