Grocery Stores

Grocery Stores

Display advertising and the manufacturers of the products grocery store and retailers sell, tell them annually about the importance of light. Yet, these stores and retailers continue to ignore what these manufacturers spent millions on to discover: how to sell more products. Food manufacturers know they have two seconds to grab and retain shoppers’ attention. To do this, they must have the proper colors for packaging, shelf placement, and the quality and amount of light on that product to maximize the exposure to the customer.

Products are packaged in bright yellow, green, red, and other colors to attract the customer’s attention to them. These manufacturers know what it takes to get someone to stop and notice their product.

It is not uncommon to see display aisles lighting in the 20 – 35 F.C. range when industry experts recommend 50+ F.C., depending on the product displayed. EDE believes in layering the lighting within all stores, overhead lighting is vital to fill the space with light completely, and by adding lower task lighting, the store accomplishes their goal of attracting the shopper to the product or display.

If lighting can increase grocery store sales and LED lighting with advanced lighting controls can reduce lighting energy costs by 70%, why are so many grocery stores still using the older legacy lighting and have such poorly lit stores? We asked that question, the answer we get most often is, “my lighting has been like this for the past 20-years, and we have performed just fine, why change now?”

$1.5 million of LED fixtures are installed today in 6,000 WallMart Stores, saving the company over $100 million annually. Isn’t it time for your business to contact EDE about LED lighting and all the benefits of advanced lighting controls?

To learn more about how to increase sales in your stores through an efficient and effectively designed and engineered lighting solution, please contact us.