Grocery Stores

Color sells products.  Proper lighting (direction and quality) make colors stand out.  When someone walks down the grocery store aisle, bright colors often encourage them to pull items from the shelf that was not on the grocery list.  If your store has below 50 foot-candles of light in the shopping aisles, you could be losing 10-20% per shopper.

Take, for instance, how lighting impacts ground beef.  The American Society of Animal Science reports that 64% of all meat purchased in a grocery store is ground beef.  Consumers rely heavily on the color of the ground beef when choosing it. The most desirable color is cherry red. Once the meat begins appearing brown, consumers tend not to purchase it, often resulting in waste and a total loss.  

Fluorescent lighting operates at a higher temperature than LED.  The meat display cases mainly have fluorescent lighting, which increases the rate of discoloration in beef.  LED lights produce more light for less money and with significantly less heat. Using LED lighting in your display cases will not only save on refrigeration and lighting energy costs but more importantly to those selling beef, it will keep their meat at lower temperatures, slowing the meat from browning as quickly as it does under the fluorescent lighting.

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