Food Manufacturers

Food manufacturers traditionally have low to inadequate light levels and waste a lot of energy with their current lighting.  Food production lines should have a minimum of 50 footcandles (FC) of light. We have often seen 10-15 FC in production spaces.   It is critical for workers to see anything that should not be in the food, and with lighting this poor, they cannot. We have seen food products with scraps of plastic, paper, hair nets, and hair in pre-packaged meals.   In environments where we saw these problems, the light levels were inferior, and when the light levels were corrected, the problems went away. When the occasional hair dropped into the tray, it was spotted and removed. Without proper lighting, these kinds of problems would go unnoticed.

Food manufacturers also waste a lot of energy because they run a line for a product, and then the line sits for 8-10 hours with all the lights on. Often, many of the machines that could be turned off in that line are left on, wasting $100.00 per hour.  This will not happen with lighting controls, because the controls have a calendar function that business managers can use to program the lighting and include reminder emails that can be sent out to confirm that all the machines are turned off. The lighting controls know if the equipment is off when it should be, and they can inform the business manager if they are programmed to do so.