Lighting in farming is complicated for a lot of different reasons. Unfortunately, Farmers typically choose to use the most expensive lighting to operate.  Farmers like the idea of LED lighting but don’t trust it and or had a bad experience with a few fixtures they purchased at their local store. Unfortunately, the US market is flooded with poorly made LED fixtures with cheap components. When a business or homeowner finds what they think is a deal and they are trying out LED’s they buy the cheap fixtures or bulbs to only find they fail in 3 – 6 months.  

Time is money and farmers don’t have the time to perform lighting maintenance tasks every 3-weeks.  If your farm is thinking about or is reviewing LED lighting, call us for help. We have proven products that will stand up the elements and environment for a long time.  

Dairy and beef cattle each require different amounts of light.  Having the proper light level and type of light can result in a 15 – 20% better production of milk in dairy cows.  Poultry requires approximately 50-lux or 5-footcandles of light, not much, however, when light levels fall below this the birds become very uncomfortable.  Poultry likes a CRI of 80, and anything below this makes it difficult for the birds to distinguish each other and may increase aggression.

EDE has an engineer who works with farmers on their lighting needs to improve animals health,  lower energy costs and eliminate lighting maintenance. EDE carries a full line of lighting products for farmers, including lighting controls that measure temperature,  moisture when needed and durable products that will stand up to the most challenging environments. We help every client with the local utility rebates to ensure your farm receives the maximum rebate it is entitled.