Factories & Manufacturing

Today’s U.S. factories are working with reduced budgets and fewer people to produce  30% more results than they did five years ago. This puts a lot of stress on everyone and everything within the building. Because of this, some things get missed, and maintenance tasks are often not performed.  How many hours a month does your maintenance team spend performing maintenance on lighting? This begs the question: How important is light in the manufacturing sector? What our company has found throughout the Midwest is that manufacturing companies have low and often deficient light levels and an aging workforce. As we age, our eyes require more light to see and perform even the simplest of tasks.

We increased the light levels in one plant by 25%.  We saved them $4,300.00 per month on their energy bill, and their productivity improved significantly through a reduction in flawed parts.  The money saved on their energy bills was appreciated, but the fact they stopped shipping bad parts could have saved them millions.