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U.S. factories are working with reduced budgets, fewer people, and are required to produce 30% more to meet corporate goals. This situation increases stress on everyone and everything within the building. How are companies making this work?

It is through technology and, specifically, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). We all know that data is the “new oil.” Data is driving critical decisions today, and rightfully so. The new management system of data is not the building’s BMS system; it is in the ceiling, in the lights. It is called advanced lighting controls or networked lighting controls. The lighting system is the perfect place for this mesh network of data collecting nodes; it oversees everything in the plant and provides the ideal platform to capture data and provide value beyond lighting.

Connectivity and digitization are creating exciting new opportunities for automakers and parts suppliers looking to maximize plant efficiency. Many manufacturers have teamed with EDE to implement smart energy strategies while using environmental data to drive productivity. Today, clients are saving thousands of dollars monthly in wasted energy by using the network lighting controls to control non-lighting loads. We see more significant energy waste reduction in non-lighting loads, in some cases, it’s more than the lighting loads.

When you consider our average lighting project using advanced lighting controls has a payback of under two years, then layer in the thousands of dollars of additional savings each month, it is clear why smart companies are using smart technologies to improve operations and reduce operating costs.

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