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COVID19– the invisible enemy, has now taken more American’s than the Vietnam War. It has cost millions of US workers their job and impacted ever business in some shape or form. Effectively fighting this enemy is vital to keeping your company safe and your business open.  

There are many steps companies are taking to ensure they protect their employees from the invisible enemy. One essential step is properly disinfecting buildings or offices before reopening and after each reported COVID-19 case.


For the health and safety of everyone, the CDC recommends regular disinfecting and sterilization of porous and non-porous surfaces. In our homes, this is a manageable process; in commercial buildings or manufacturing plants, this job becomes challenging. This is why Energy Design Engineers (EDE) is now providing facility disinfectant services (FDS) with our hydrostatic Vector Fog machines and TwinOxide disinfectant. Cleaning misses the hard to reach spots where the virus, bacteria, and germs thrive. EDE foggers disperse a dry fog that attacks the virus on a molecular level and penetrates the cell membrane of the virus-molecule in minutes and kills the virus in 15-minutes.

EDE and our clients see FDS as another layer of protection for the most valuable asset, your employees! This service provides peace of mind to your employees as they know their employer is taking the extra step to create a safer work environment.  

EDE’ chemical is one of the safest and most effective EPA registered (EPA Reg #: 86054-1) disinfectant products that are hospital-grade and kill 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria, and mold. Our products are non-corrosive to treated areas and articles. It disinfects surfaces without creating hazardous byproducts, unlike those created from other traditional disinfectants. You can spray our disinfectant on fabric, leather, paint, carpet, plastic, or any surface area. When TwinOxide is a dry fog that leaves no wet surface or residue. Our electrostatic fogging machines can reach 50’ ceilings with our dry chemical.

Why Energy Design Engineers

EDE is here to help! With over 60-years of success operating small businesses, Energy Design Engineers’ leadership team has assembled the top of the line equipment and the safest chemicals to lead their fight against the Coronavirus (COVID-19), SARS and whatever comes next. Energy Design Engineers is one of the premier disinfectants, sanitizing, and odor removal companies in the USA.

Our vision for the company today is to create safe work environments and provide peace of mind for our clients and their teams. With regard to COVID-19, we understand that one sick team member could lead to 10 in a few hours and 50 – illnesses within a week; this is how aggressive the COVID-19 virus is. For a free quote or to learn more, please contact us today.

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We are currently serving small and large accounts from

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Current EDE clients, please contact us to ask about your premium discount for facility disinfecting services. For our clients where we’ve implemented Digital Lumens SiteWorx, your Occupancy Heat Map will be a crucial tool to help our team focus our disinfecting efforts. While disinfecting your entire facility, we will use the heat map to know which areas will require additional attention. 

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy – The EDE Team

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What Are You Disinfecting For? 



  • Human Coronavirus
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  • Human Influenza
  • H1N1 Influenza
  • SARS Associated Coronavirus
  • Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus
  • Adenovirus Type 5
  • Vaccina Virus
  • Hepatitis B Virus
  • Hepatitis C Virus
  • Herpes Simplex Type 1
  • Many More




  • Staphylococcus
  • Salmonella
  • Listeria
  • Pseudomonas Aeruginosa


  • Escherichia (E. Coli)
  • MRSA
  • Many More
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For more information on the coronavirus, please visit the following link:


1. How much does it cost?

Each job depends on the specific needs of our clients and the square footage of the site. There are different applications for different needs, and please call to let us know how we can help.  

2. Why should I select Energy Design Engineers?

Energy Design Engineers follows strict application guidelines and only uses products that meet the industry’s standards. Our primary disinfectant product is EPA registered #85158-BEL-001. Energy Design Engineers is one of the few companies that provides swab testing of surfaces as part of the service for verification; the surface is clean of viruses and contaminants.  

3. How long does a typical treatment take?

This depends on the size of the facility and the level of service you need.  

4. How do you document results?

We use ATP Meters and swabs.  

5. How long does Energy Design Engineers’ antimicrobial surface protection last, and how does it work?

This depends on the number of touchpoints the area has. A good rule of thumb is 24 – 48 hours. If a carrier of the virus comes back into the area, the area could be re-infected. One of the biggest reasons the Covid19 virus is so difficult to manage is that it is an airborne virus that is transferred easily from human to human. This is #1 one reason virus disinfecting is so important.       

6. Is there anything our company needs to do after our facility is sanitized or disinfected?   

We suggest you allow the application to set for 15-minutes undistributed to do its job.  

7. How does TwinOxide work?

When used, TwinOxide, our solution, reacts with the oxidizable compound material inside cell and cell membranes, disrupting cell metabolism and killing the pathogen. Chlorine dioxide also reacts directly with the bonds in amino acids and RNA in the cell. TwinOxide even kills inactive microorganisms, going further than non-oxidative disinfectants which are unable to kill active microbes. The oxidative load placed on cells by TwinOxide means most microorganisms are unable to build up resistance to chlorine dioxide.  

8. What’s wrong with using bleach to disinfect?

When bleach mixes with other chemicals is when problems develop. When bleach comes in contact with ammonia, it can react to form chlorine gas, which causes cellular damage in the nasal passageways and lungs. You should only use bleach on surfaces that are not cleaned with other cleaning supplies.  

9. Why shouldn’t we perform high-level bio-decontamination ourselves?

 Same reason we have schools watch our kids; builders build our homes and dentists work on our mouths, put merely, leave it to the professionals.    

10. Why should I select Energy Design Engineers? 

Energy Design Engineers chemicals are among the most effective at killing the virus and safest to use. Energy Design Engineers is a professional engineering firm that has served over 100,000 million sq ft of space over the past 10-years with our professional engineering services.