LED and lighting controls today allow educational institutions to reduce their energy loads by 30 – 40% and provide a classroom that produces more energy to the students.  There is plenty of research now showing the value of light in the classroom.

US schools will spend over $7.5 Billion each year on energy.  That is more than all the books, copies and computers costs combined.  The long life LED fixtures when coupled with controls will have a 20-year plus maintenance free life which will decrease classroom disruptions and decrease maintenance costs.  By eliminating the old legacy lighting the district/school is also removing any risk of PCB’s or mercury exposure from older lamps.

The value of light in the classroom is no longer guesswork.  Countless studies prove lighting impacts student’s energy level, mood, ability to focus and willingness to learn.  If you would like to learn more about these studies and or discuss upgrading your school’s lighting to intelligent LED, please contact us.