Our Advantage

Energy Design Engineers (EDE) helps companies reduce energy waste by giving their buildings a brain.  Our primary mission is to reduce energy waste and secondary is creating a better place to work for their team members.   We do all this through the use of smart sensors, software, LED lighting, Internet of Things (IoT) and our industry-leading experience.  We have over 100,000 million sq ft of projects under roof and have helped our clients collectively save millions monthly on their utilities.

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Why EDE?

Today employee retention is top of mind for all businesses leaders, a close second to profitability.  EDE understands this and designs energy-smart solutions that not only reduce energy waste, reduce our client’s carbon footprint, but also take into account our client’s work environment.  We monitor temperature, humidity, light levels, occupancy use, track and report more to help businesses operate more efficiently while being sensitive to their team member’s needs.

5 Good Reasons to Meet With EDE

  1. Experience & Money – 100-million square feet of projects under roof.  We will save you more money on your energy costs and on average by 30-45% more over our competition.  
  2. Design & Engineering – #1 in reducing energy waste and creating better places to work.  Our work is 2 – 3 years ahead of our competition.
  3. Technology – we are technologies today our competition knows nothing about.  For the past 10-years we sold technologies that 80% of our competition is just now introducing.  
  4. Pricing – we have global buying power and we are competitive with pricing.
  5. Education – we spend the necessary time educating our clients on what we are doing and why.  We teach them it is not how fast you get your money back, it is how many times you get your money back.