Compressed Air leak audits

  • How Much Are Compressed Air Leaks Costing You?

  • Our Leak Audits Can Save You 30-50% On Your CA Costs!

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  • Some Utilities Cover The Cost Of One Leak Audit Each Year?

Compressed Air Leak Audits

Compressed air (CA) energy is one of the larger utility expenses your facility has.  It is also one of the biggest energy wasters!  It is estimated that 30 – 50% of compressed air energy costs are from air leaks/energy waste.  Your utility knows this and provides generous incentives for you to fix your leaks. 
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The Truth

EDE recommends quarterly leak audits to all our clients.  Prior to working with EDE, 90% of our clients had no annual leak audit or only completed one each year. While one leak audit is helpful, leaks often come back in 2 – 3 months and should be fixed again.

We find that many utilities pay for the first leak audit.  By using our ultrasonic leak detection equipment, we can walk through one section or bay of your facility and tell you in 10-minutes if a leak audit makes good financial sense. As a designated Trade Ally with the utilities, there is no charge for this initial walkthrough.

Why Energy Design Engineers

EDE uses the latest technology in ultrasonic leak detection technology and 10+ years of experience in energy waste reduction. Our long-standing relationship with all the major utilities allows us to maximize our client’s incentive money and inform our clients of new programs and special bonus offers.  Our average leak audit payback is under one year!  Depending on who your utility is or what work is required in your facility, there is a good chance you could receive a free audit. 

“I was told I only need one leak audit annually”

Compressed air leaks are created daily when air lines are pulled on or bumped, as new equipment is installed, equipment is worked on, very often fittings become loose and leaks start until addressed.  An auditory leak in your facility could very well cost your company $8,000.00 per year, for one leak.  The large majority (90%) of the leaks we find you can not hear.  Compressed air leak audits are one of the best investments your company can make to reduce energy waste and operating costs.

As part of our service, EDE offers leak audit packages for 2 and 4 audits per year, to maximize your energy waste reduction, we recommend two per year.

The Findings

Compressed air leak survey and repair is a consistent quarterly process to minimize the leak rate. If leak identification and repair exercises are maintained, then financial and environmental benefits will increase the bottom line profits for the company with paybacks under one year.

What Does It Really Mean?

Studies show that plants with no formal compressed air audit program have system leaks that total 30% to 50% of the total air demand. Furthermore, these same studies show that to compensate for this loss in system pressure, end-users will increase the pressure at the compressor!

The Bottom Line

To stop air leaks you need ultra-sonic leak detection completed by a professional.  To maximize energy waste reduction in your facility, you need 2 – 4 leak audits annually.  Your payback on your leak audit will be 2 – 4 times your investment.  Your first audit could be paid for by your utility! Call the EDE Team today to learn more or schedule your CA Audit. 

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How We Work:

  1. Site Visit & Review
  2. Reserve Utility Incentive
  3. EDE Conducts CA Leak Audit
  4. EDE Provides Detailed Report
  5. Save Thousands
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