The Time For Change is Now

Over the past 30-years, there have been relatively few improvements in lighting and controls to reduce energy waste. Corporate America has largely ignored energy waste up until 2010 when it became essential to be a better environmental steward.

This changed recently thanks to the IoT, advancements in LED lighting, new sensor technology and advancements in lighting controls. Light fixtures waste billions of dollars annually by lighting space where there is no occupancy.

Today, Energy Design Engineers (EDE) is a leader in smart building technologies that reduce energy waste and improve work environments. EDE has over 100-million ft² of projects under roof. Our projects have significantly reduced every client’s carbon footprint while saving millions on their energy bills.  

Reduce Energy Waste

Energy waste is a key concern for all businesses today. Unfortunately, very few businesses really understand how to approach it. Removing waste is top of mind for all C-Level management executives, but energy waste is something they don’t know or fully understand.  At Energy Design Engineers a big part of our job is educating our clients on energy waste reduction and just what is really possible.

LED Lighting

We all know that LED diodes provide more light for less energy. What you may not know is that LED manufacturers and firms like Energy Design Engineers are leading a revolution in smart building technologies. These smart technologies (controls) are creating safer places to work, more productive work environments, improving employee morale and reducing energy waste.  

Today LED lights produce 160 plus lumens per watt (LPW) when older legacy technologies are often under 100-LPW.   This additional light for less energy is a big part of what is leading the LED charge. Then add the longer life of LED and often 5-times longer than current technologies and it is easy to see why so many are switching to LED lighting.  


LED Lighting Controls

The Internet of Things (IoT), LED fixtures, and lighting controls have teamed up to provide the perfect platform in businesses, stores, and schools to monitor, measure, and reduce energy waste while providing a safer, better work environment. Today our clients enjoy higher employee satisfaction & retention, maximized energy waste reduction & operational efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs with Advanced Lighting Controls.